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Testimonials from Artists who have used our services

"The Artist Hub is AMAZING!! I am not a savvy social media guy, have some knowledge but really do not know how to work with it that much as far as promoting my music.

I asked for The Artist Hub's help and not only did they knock it out of the park but they helped my video get me onto the front page in a contest of over 2,500 contestants!

I would rate them a 10+, Value? 10+, Expertise? 10+, Communication? 10+, Responsive? 10+, Customer Service? 10+.

If you have ANY doubts I would recommend that you put them aside and go with The Artist Hub today they are amazing at what they do.

- Bob Agostini

"The Artist Hub did EXACTLY what they said they would - we paid a small fee and got 500 REAL Likes on our band's Facebook page. These are real people; the Likes aren't generated by 'bots.'

As a result our profile has soared and we're getting more album sales as a result! Kudos to The Artist Hub!"

- Aethellis

Thank you for all the hard work

Banner is beautiful and the fans really dig what's happening.

We will continue with this type campaign for as long as u will have us.

All the best to you.

- Axus Bliss

We have used The Artist Hub for all our YouTube video releases

and we are VERY pleased with the results.

Our views went up as promised but it didn't stop there!

We got more likes and comments on our videos as well as

a lot more subscribers. Highly recommended service!

- The Primary

Hey, the Facebook promotion is moving along full steam.

I don't know how the hell ya do it but I'm a happy camper!

Keep up the great work.

- Absolon

"As an Indie artist, I want to spend my time writing and recording, NOT promoting, but the music is created to be heard. does all the work for me at a price that's affordable for an indie artist. They know how to target people who like the genres I write in to drive their traffic to my page, so that my music can do the rest. And their customer service is the best. They make it all very easy. Thanks!" ~ Bobbie Townsend

Dear Tim and The Artist Hub,

I have been searching for a company that could help me grow my fan base on my various social media pages for a very long time and I had been unsuccessful because 99% of the companies I found were not legit, meaning they did not add legit fans only numbers. I didn't want just numbers. I wanted real people that would take an interest in my music.

When I found your company, as with all the others, I was leery, but after a few emails back and forth and a totally different vibe from you, I decided to take a shot. I am so thankful I did. Your Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation campaigns ended up being very successful for me. I loved the stats that I was provided and always feeling like I was in the loop with what you were doing. You not only grew my numbers but added real people who like my music and have become real fans that reach out and interact with me and recommend me to their friends - that's the key.

Thank you very much and I will be sure to refer all of my musician friends to you!! Always music...Robin D.

We here at Off Top Records would like to thank The Artist Hub for their hard work on promoting my company and one of my you tube pages. We are very satisfied with the results and would recommend any person or company to do business with The Artist Hub. They have good customer service and Off Top Records will use them again for all of our marketing needs.  Thanks!

Sky Blacke CEO

Thanx!  I'm very pleased with the result and will sure be doing more campaigns with your service!  Cheers.

LDP   The Audiomotion

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